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Each of us has felt at times that our earnest prayers have fallen on deaf ears. But perhaps it’s our hearing that needs to be checked!
With this inspirational guide to personal revelation, learn how to


  • Identify spiritual toxins in your life that may be preventing you from receiving personal revelation


  • Experiment on the word of the Lord and expand your knowledge by applying the scientific method to your own spiritual laboratory


  • Grow up spiritually by recognizing children’s sensitivity to heavenly things

  • Be the Spirit’s first responder by acting on the promptings you receive


  • Embrace your weaknesses and recognize how they can strengthen your spiritual connection•


Based on Dr. Lynne Wilson’s popular Education Week class and drawing from well-known scriptural events and personal anecdotes, this book teaches us how to understand the principles of revelation, discern the influence of the Spirit, and find the answers we are seeking. After all, heaven is truly just a prayer away.


Learning the language of the Lord_978146


Dr. Lynne Hilton Wilson lives in Palo Alto, California with her husband Dow. She is the mother of seven children—all with red hair. Lynne received her master's degree in the New Testament, and a Ph.D. in Theology and American Religious History at Marquette University.

Previously an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University, Lynne is now the institute director and a teacher at the Stanford-Menlo Park Stake Latter-Day Saint Institute of Religion. Lynne has written three books and published several papers, and is a popular scholar and speaker.​


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