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Jesus' First Miracle and Discourses
According to St. John

John 2-3

Commentary by Lynne Hilton Wilson Ph.D. 

Jesus' First Miracles and Discourses


Book of Mormon Additions

In the Book of Mormon, we find common doctrines and principles that are taught in John 2 and 3. For example, the discussion on being born again in John 3:3–5, is found in an expanded view in Mosiah 27:25; Alma 5:49, and Alma 7:14. As you compare these verses on being “born again,” side by side, you can see the extra depth and insight found in the Book of Mormon passages. The same is true on similar themes such as purify, cleanse, and baptize. Overview John’s Gospel includes seven miracles and seven discourses. The first miracle is found in chapter 2, the wedding at Cana. And the first discourse is found in chapter 3, with Nicodemus in Jerusalem.1 

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