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Jesus Calls, Commissions, and Tutors the Twelve

Matthew 10-12, Mark3, Luke 7; 11

Commentary by Lynne Hilton Wilson Ph.D. 


Preparing the Twelve for missions


We begin this week with Jesus preparing the Twelve for missions. His commission includes teachings, examples of healings, new Sabbath laws, and ends by inviting all disciples who hear and follow Him to become His family. Mt, Mk and Lk share much of the same source material, but present it differently. To save space, I have not written out the scriptural verses, so follow along in conjunction with these notes. 


(Note: the study guides with graphic will be coming. This draft guide ensures people enrolled in Lynne Wilson's institute classes have the study guides to prepare before the next class. If you want the updated guide with graphics emailed to you as soon as it is available, please subscribe in the form below.)






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