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Matthew 18 and Luke 10

Commentary by Lynne Hilton Wilson Ph.D. 

Christ Empowers Children, the Lost, Social Outcasts.

Many of the Lord’s teachings and behaviors were radical in his culture. As Christians, we are so familiar with them that we may not realize how outrageous they were in his day. This week’s scriptural sections demonstrate Jesus making sweeping departures from the perceived norms regarding children, shepherds, forgiveness, Samaritans, neighbors, women, learning, service, and even ownership. 

Not only did Jesus think “outside of the box,” he also taught with very innovative methods that pioneered a new life for those who followed him. Interestingly, the teachings in the Book of Mormon seem less trapped by the traditions that developed after the Jewish Babylonian captivity (~597–538 BC), and more in keeping with Jesus’ teachings (i.e. the worth and place of children in the kingdom of heaven, see Moroni 8:10–23). 

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